June 2017
We have had a fairly quiet time since Domino achieved her championship but at the weekend she had her first outing since 2015 and achieved the Bitch RCC under breed specialist judge Diana Dixon at The Bloodhound Club Championship Show.

Meanwhile Juno has had a few appearances in veteran classes this spring, on all occasions achieving Best Veteran. At nearly 11 years old she is still extremely fit and active as the pictures below testify.

September 2015 Association of Bloodhound Breeders Championship Show

Judge Sue Harrison

Houndsong Contradanza 1st Open Bitch and Bitch CC. Subject to Kennel Club confirmation, this makes her a UK champion.

August 2015 Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show

Judge Leonarda Pogodzinki

Houndsong Contradanza Bitch CC and Best of Breed

Sagio Emila at Silverspring
31 March 2005 - 1st June 2015

May 2015 Birmingham National Championship Show
Judge Graham Hill
Houndsong Contradanza Bitch CC and Best of Breed

April 2014 Association Bloodhound Breeders Open Show
Judge Debbie Pownall

 Houndsong Contradanza Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show

Photo: Evelyn Burnside
August 2011 Hound Association Championship show
Judge Nick Bryce-Smith
Cammonstone Juno 1st Limit bitch and bitch RCC Houndsong Contradanza 1st Puppy bitch
May 2011 Birmingham National Championship Show
Judge Marion Spavin
Cammonstone Juno Ist Limit Bitch and Bitch RCC
In addition our new baby Houndsong Contradanza was awarded Best Puppy at her first show
April 2011 Association of Bloodhound Breeders Open Show
Judge Jill Harrington
Cammonstone Juno Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show
September 2010 Association of Bloodhound Breeders Championship show
Judge Robin Searle

Cammonstone Juno 1st Working Trial Bitch

Marksbury Studious of Silverspring
1st January 2000 – 21st March 2010

February 2010 Bloodhound Club Spring Working Trials
Cammonstone Juno 1st Novice Stake and Identification Cup
Juno cast off from the flags in her usual energetic style across the first field of winter wheat with some wide sweeping casts before settling on the line. She owned the line throughout but her speed and progress was hampered in the next two fields as she had to wait for me to get through the heavy plough, which was hard work!
However she finished in fine style with an identification to be proud of. She didn’t put a foot wrong, but I was surprised to receive 1st place given that many hounds hunted really well and many finished quicker than we did.
Judge Robert Johnson-Ferguson commented afterwards that he was particularly impressed with the teamwork between Juno and myself, and of course her identification. Good girl!

Feb 2010 Bloodhound Club Open Show
Judge Bri Capello

Marksbury Studious of Silverspring – Ist Veteran Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch.
Not bad for a 10 Year old!
Marksbury Studious reached the milestone of 10 years old on New Years Day!

October 2009 Bloodhound Club Autumn Working trials
Sagio Emilia at Silverspring 2nd Novice stake
Emilia hunted a beautiful line, starting enthusiastically through a field of turnips, making the turn correctly into a field with some very accommodating dairy cattle, and then out across stubble land to find the line walker 1 mile and about 13 minutes later.
This result now moves her into the Junior stake.
March 2008 Crufts

Sagio Emilia at Silverspring Bitch CC and Best of Breed

Photos by RBT

Judge Leonarda Pogodzinski 
The lovely Sagio Emilia at Silverspring 1st Limit Bitch,  Bitch CC and Best of Breed !!!!!